REZcast: Eye on the Future: One Developer Who Programs to Make Life Easier



Thomas Hobohm presenting at the University of Houston’s CodeRED hackathon held in the fall of 2015. (Image courtesy of Major League Hacking)

Thomas reflected on what originally peaked his interest in computer science. As it turns out, sometimes our true calling can be found by stumbling upon the right book. While he could not remember the exact age he discovered programming, “around 8 or 9” years old, he does recall that “One day my dad brought home a really old book about computer programming, I think it was in C++ and I just read through the whole thing. I didn’t even have a computer to program on, but I read through it all and I thought it was really interesting…”

Thomas Hobohm is currently studying computer science at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS), an early college STEM program at the University of North Texas. At the age of 16, Hobohm has already worked as a software developer, chief technology officer, teacher, and integration engineer. He was introduced to xREZ Art + Science Lab in the Summer of 2016 as part of a brand new research initiative for TAMS students, now Hobohm is an intern at xREZ lab and part of the team working on one of the lab’s largest projects INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night

REZcast recently sat down with Thomas to discuss his creative process, why he loves Hackathons, where Thomas sees himself in the future and so much more! Listen to the podcast below.



Thomas Hobohm (center left) attending UNT’s Homecoming 2016 with TAMS friends (left to right) Justin Wei, Julian Laneve, and Lucas Chen Jia.

About Thomas

Area of Study: Computer Science

Dream Job: Being able to direct a team and build programs that help explicate how the humanities interplay with people’s everyday lives

Hobbies: Piano, rock climbing, reading & learning Chinese

Fun Fact: Thomas is very interested in the world of fashion






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