360º Experience Toolkit

What is this the 360º Experience Toolkit?

This toolkit was devised to provide useful information for any educator in creating a 360º art/museum education experience similar to a “museum tour” for classrooms. This toolkit is comprised of three documents that will walk you through the general steps of creation of a 360º experience and discussion of a 360º art educational experience. Ultimately, the toolkit is meant to be practical and customizable so it can fit your individual project and curricular goals.

How can I use it?

In “Getting Started with 360º”, you will find an overview of what putting together a 360º experience and art/museum education discussion for your classroom entails. In “Steps in Making Your 360º Images” you will find a step by step process of mapping out your project.  “Tips and Tricks” are useful information that we found through our exploration of the topic.  

We are excited to share some information with you in the form of a toolkit to assist in the creation of your very own 360º art/museum educational experience. As the field of 360º technology is rapidly growing, there may be many updates to this page. If you see something out of date, please send us an email to let us know so we can update it! We hope the information below is helpful!

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