Dallas Contemporary’s Student New Media Art Exhibition Opens TODAY!



ART + THE BODY features new works by student artists: Will Broderick (UTD), Spencer Brown-Pearn (UTD), Katherine Habeck (SMU), Julie Libersat (UNT), Hayley McGuire (UNT), Caitlin Odneal (UNT), Jay Ray (UTD) and Gabriel Vega (UNT)

Since the earliest acts of artistic expression, the human body in art has been a symbol of universal understanding and a platform for exploring complex themes from identity and gender to power and culture. Primitive artists created crude sculptures and cave drawings of the human figure for magical and religious reasons in an attempt to better understand the world around them. As time progressed, the artist’s infatuation with the body expanded with more sophisticated representations of the human form serving as a vehicle for complex metaphors and ideas. The human form remains a paramount theme throughout art history and into the body-conscious culture of today, but artists have increasingly sought alternate methods of depiction.

In the 21st Century, we still exist within the same bodies of our artistic ancestors, yet we operate in a highly modernized society of rapid technological advancement and a constantly expanding scientific understanding of the world around us. Science and technology are transforming not only the way artists observe and understand the world but also how art is being produced. As master observers, artists and scientists are now working with similar methods and tools, steadily blurring the lines between the two disciplines. ART + THE BODY brings together eight new media artists exploring the long-contemplated theme of the body through the lens of technology and science.

Dallas Contemporary, in partnership with UTD’s Arts and Technology Program, UNT CVAD Studio Art Department and SMU’s Center of Creative Computation, presents the Student New Media Art Exhibition, which aims to unite the rapidly growing new media programs in North Texas, creating a dialogue between students and academics across campuses. The exhibition also serves to introduce the North Texas community to the evolving artistic practices being developed in the region.

University Advisory Committee: Frank Dufour, Ira Greenberg, Brittany Ransom + Ruth West


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