First ever course in DataRemix @ UNT!

Intrigued by the potential of digital data as an expressive medium and cultural raw material to change how we see ourselves and our world?  Fascinated by digital remix as a 21st Century competency? Want the ability to convey information and insights visually? Or through sound, visuals and interactivity?  Curious about how information visualization can help to understand and analyze various types of data?   If so, join us for this new course, DataRemix & Information Visualization starting Fall 2014 at UNT!

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This unique interdisciplinary seminar designed and taught by Prof. Ruth West brings together students from the College of Visual Art and Design and the College of Information to share their complementary expertise in working with and communicating information.

  • Discover how digital remix culture, in the form of data remixing, provides a context for emergent data practices that span wearable computing, mobile devices, high resolution displays, information aesthetics, the quantified self movement and “big data” analytics.
  • Use principles, practices, tools and current research topics in information visualization to design, develop, critique and evaluate information visualizations.
  • Explore the expressive potential of digital data as a cultural raw material in combination with artistic practices in any medium and discipline.

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