Glow and Circadian rhythms

Currently, I have a concept enveloping Glow/ light and the long standing importance the sources have in human existence, that has yet to be fully developed or pushed in my current body of work.  TVs, computers, cell phones etc.  have a glow, a light source that light up when in use, this glowing has continued to be intriguing and powerful whether the glow comes from the sun, stars, fire, etc. that are in relation to creation stories and the capturing of those light sources to today where many information sources are lit up by screens.

I would like to continue with my concept of glow and the importance it has throughout the span of human history and how we have learned to capture light sources.  I am curious of how artificial light can have long term affects of the human body.  Recently, some studies have come out connecting artificial light at night filtered through TVs, computers, night lights, cell phones etc. are causing melatonin secretion as well as links to breast cancer.

How do we solve these health problems when the use of something like the computer screen is so important today?

How do lifestyles change when someone must maintain 3 to 4 hours of no screen time before you go to sleep?  Or the use of “blue-blocking” glasses to allow for less melatonin secretion?

Current Research: diagrams and photography series



Concept Map - Glow and it's production of Cultural Anxiety Glow and circadian rhythms

Glow sculpture 1



A part of my research will be going back to the basics: What is circadian rhythm what does it do effect, etc?


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