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Hammerfest to Houston

Hammerfest to Houston


Fire, pollution, security and gas. Mercury, atmosphere, wind and war. Electric, psychology, digging and drilling. Fireball fluxing, solar weather, energy waste, heat, sorrow, fear, money, action, response, regulation, fluctuation. The one who pulls the lever and the one who swims toward.

Laboratory, resource, field, foe, forests, fish, metaphors, narratives, superlatives. Fire, thaw, steel, melt, transmit, transport, birds, she wrote. Arctic, desert. Space, risk. Spinning, measure. Underdog and conqueror, the rich and then poor.  Sink, crater, expansion, later. Markets, policy, society, economy, dining room tables and hot baths, diagrams and dire paths.

This is a story. About the past, the present and the future. About power. About framing. A snapshot. About you. About me. A riddle. A tale. The dead of winter. Hot Texas summers. Dusty roads and lightning damage. Networked society and solemnity. The beginning, the end. What we think we changed in-between. This is a story about energy, uncertainty, science and society. And what together they mean.

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The project plan includes creation of a hybrid information artifact involving research, visual and audio reporting, documentation using a mixture of archives, artistic and journalistic tools, multimedia experimentation and new ways of reporting information. The resulting researched literary account will be presented in a multimedia format. The creation process will be guided by the concepts of uncertainty in science and the urgency of keeping record.

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