Inspiring Creativity: Alumni Jared White Reflects on the Value of xREZ


As a part of the xREZ team, Jared White was inspired to explore the creative side of computer science and math. While working on our lab’s XR platform, he discovered his passion for pixel art and game design! With hands-on experience and an abundance of research opportunities, he says that xREZ gives students like himself the skills and experience to feel confident and excel outside of the lab in their professions, graduate education, and personal lives. At xREZ events, such as our open house in October 2019, Jared says he was given a chance to increase public awareness of the ways art + science can make a difference by sharing the achievements and work of the team. And with a supportive, interdisciplinary team, he believes xREZ offers a variety of perspectives and gives students the opportunity to learn from each other and their individual fields.


Before he graduated, we asked him a few questions continuing on from our Vimeo video series students created to capture their experiences:

Q: How does xREZ make a difference?

Jared: xREZ takes students of all backgrounds and gives them skills applicable to today’s requirement for digital marketability. It also sets them up for success when it comes to attending graduate or other research initiatives.

Q: How has working at xREZ changed you?

Jared: I learned how to apply my creative interests to a research environment effectively.

Q: What’s unique about being a part of xREZ?

Jared: The projects you work on at xREZ teach you valuable skills outside of the lab that you will hold on to, regardless of the profession route you take.

Q: What are you working on that you’re excited about?

Jared: Currently, I’m working on several automation projects within the gaming and digital design spheres, including an IRC relay system of cooperative gaming and generative art.

Q: What are the differences between this research/creative experience in the lab and other academic or research experiences you have had in your career?

Jared: xREZ is much more hands-on and gives you the opportunity to become published early on in your career.

We’ve enjoyed having Jared as a colleague in our lab and we look forward to seeing how his adventure unfolds!

Jared Luke and Robot

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