Mindful Improvisational Music and Dance

The purpose of this project is to begin to explore the experience of improvisational music and movement while paired with mindfulness meditation practices, and its application in people’s lives. The materials are basic but crucial- an instrument to create melodies (and possibly rhythms) and space for the movement of at least few people. In this first stage of the project, I will produce a repeatable format for an interactive experience between movers and musicians and have had basic run throughs with people for this format. I am very excited to begin work on this project, as I begin to play music in a way this isn’t simply to create something that sounds nice. Using improvisation to translate thoughts and expression across arts forms and between people is already something that is not common and is certainly a new experience for me. If I could learn how to use this for betterment in myself and in other people’s life that would be a tremendous experience for me and my future goals. I am also simply quite intrigued with all of the individual elements that will go into this potential beautiful project.



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