New Research Publication: “Creativity and Cognition in Extreme Environments: The Space Arts as a Case Study” Published by Frontiers in Psychology

We’re excited to announce a new publication! “Creativity and Cognition in Extreme Environments: The Space Arts as a Case Study,” written by graduate researcher Kathryn Hays (UNT, xREZ Art + Science Lab), Cris Kubli (UT Dallas), and Professor Roger Malina (UT Dallas, ArtSci Lab) is available in Frontiers in Psychology.

Abstract: Humans, like all organisms, have evolved to survive in s pecific environments, while some elect or are forced to live and work in extreme environments. Understanding cognition as it relates to environmental conditions, we use 4E cognition as a framework to explore creativity in extreme environments. Our paper examines space arts as a case study through the history, present practices, and future possible arts in the context of humans beyond the Kármán boundary of the Earth’s atmosphere. We develop a proposed taxonomy of space arts, based on prior taxonomies, and provide specific examples of space art developed by artists in space or for use by astronauts in space. Using examples of space art since the birth of the space age, we discuss 1) how human survival in extreme environments requires investment in the space arts, driven by consideration of various biopsychosocial factors and 2) how new scientific and engineering discoveries; such as the detection of air current patterns with paper airplanes in zero gravity, could be consequences or examples of creative thinking driven by artists in the various types of space art. We conclude by discussing possible benefits of space art, future research applications, and advocate that all space actors, government or private, involve artists in all projects beyond the Kármán Boundary of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Open access, read full paper here:

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