Physicality of Dreams

During this independent/directed study on alternative print making techniques I will create a work titled “Physicality of Dreams”. There is much to be learned from the unconscious mind, the operations of the human brain while the body is at rest can at times reveal the most vulnerable information of the subconscious. In large part I believe that dreaming is about activation and learning Dreams are entirely illusionary but feel real; there is a tactile quality to this state of being. While in the dream state the brain relaxes a little because we are no longer consciously using it. This allows for an extremely vivid, immersive, and multi-sensory hallucinatory experience full of associative narrative and emotionally charged simulations.

This work will explore the potentials of re-configured photographic objects, to exist on multiple planes that intersect inspirational stimuli, and physical human space to infuse photographic objects with a new life. Combining interactive textiles with contemporary digital photographythat are then shaped into three dimensional objects that exist out of frame and off the wall, as well as interact with the audience will give form to a new way of seeing and consuming two dimensional and three dimensional art.



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