ROAM – User Interface and System Architecture

ROAM_xrez_feat_imageMy project this semester has been to design and plan the structure or system architecture of ROAM as well as design and create the user interface and design components. It has been a steep learning curve! Not only did this require familiarizing myself with the vocabulary and understanding of interaction design, wireframing and information architecture but I also needed to have an overview of the app development process. I started out with little to no knowledge of this area and now have created a comprehensive map of ROAM’s structure and design. The design components, system architecture and wireframe that I have created can now provide a clear map that can be used to code the project.

In conjunction with this work, I have continued to develop the conceptual framework for ROAM which informs the user experience and design of the project. I presented a research lecture at the National Art Education Association Conference titled “Walking and Mapping as Art Practice: Emergent Cartography and Spatial Exchange,” in which I presented ROAM in relation to my research in art education. I contextualized ROAM with the spatial theories of Henri Lefevbre and Michel de Certeau and contemporary artists who use walking and mapping in their art practice. The lecture was a great success and generated a lot of interest and possibilities for further research and collaboration with researchers at other universities.

In August, a completed prototype for ROAM will be exhibited at the UNT Artspace in downtown Dallas! Coding and development will continue this summer in preparation for the exhibition. I am also preparing my lecture for submission for publication in the journal Studies in Art Education. Interest in ROAM continues to build as well as opportunities for further research and collaboration!





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