Static in the void

Carl Sagan must have been taking an undergraduate special problems class when he imagined his line “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”. While I didn’t begin my filmmaking process by re-imaging the fundamental models of eletromagnetism, the pathway I took in finding a story I could tell about something which I was purely and passionately interested in became a personal inventory in which I attempted to justify my last three years of education and capture in language those vague notions and axioms of my scholastic, professional, and artistic identities.

Last spring, I connected with Max Parola over Jack-in-the-Box about his latest jaunt in the intellectual wilderness of psychological research. Like MLK or Joan of Arc articulating their view from the mountain top, Max coaxed my imagination with vast oceans of space and scale made insignificant by the wide and unprecedented application of virtual reality technology. His future seated people in front of a screens and built new, fantastic worlds behind their eyes. It lifted the hood on the skull, and made wizards and demigods out of computer programmers and psychologists. Taken by his vision, I trained my documentarian eye on virtual reality technology.



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