New Media Course Description


Art + Science: Creative inquiry, embodied knowing, and flow. How does art-making result in new forms of inquiry? What is the potential impact of listening to molecular music or creating artificial life? What does it mean to make art in order to create new knowledge, to collect data, analyze it, or present ones findings? Are artists working at the intersection of the natural, physical or life sciences and art adding something to our understanding and experience of life that scientists are not or simply cannot?

This graduate studio explores emerging practices and trends in new media with particular emphasis on new modes of creative inquiry and practice-based research in the arts. It provides students with a foundation in innovative art practices that bring together the arts and sciences, irrespective of medium or modality. This exploration will be conducted in relation to their current practice and creative interests. Students will engage in research centered on their evolving creative practice and body of work in order to develop new work, develop individualized conceptual frameworks for arts practice as a form of inquiry, and continue development of their professional practice as an artist.

xREZ Art + Science Lab

Imagine. Discover. Create.
xREZ Art+Science lab forges productive paths that harness the unique creative forces found only at the intersection of the arts, sciences and humanities to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication.Our goal: alter the landscape of human endeavor to create transformative impact on our world and our future.

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