Finding Union Ballroom 314C from the Union Building Entrance



UNT University Union

University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle, Denton, Tx 76203


Art + Science Rendezvous

Union Ballroom 314C

3rd Floor of the UNT Union 

When entering the Union you will see an emerald staircase in front of you, a snack bar to your left, and a Barnes and Noble / Jamba Juice to your right.

Walk towards the Jamba Juice on your right and you will see an elevator behind the pillar before you enter Jamba Juice. Take that elevator to the third floor.

Once on the third floor walk down the hall, past the restrooms until you reach the bridge.

Walk across the bridge and walk past the large green transparent office with a Joshua Chilton quote on it.

To your left you will see a waiting area with restrooms, water fountains, and a white and green hanging art installation across from it.

Go through the waiting area and walk past the art installation into the hallway with wooden finishing alongside both walls.

Walk down this hallway until you see ballroom 314C on your right.

The doors to the Union Ballroom are in a wood-paneled alcove.

Welcome to the Rendezvous!

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xREZ Art+Science lab forges productive paths that harness the unique creative forces found only at the intersection of the arts, sciences and humanities to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication.Our goal: alter the landscape of human endeavor to create transformative impact on our world and our future.

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