Amelia Jaycen Spring 2015 Project

  1. Searching for a Unified Theory

    Searching for the significance of “information” from angles of study as disparate as electrical engineering, communication studies, journalism, computer science, information science, and mathematics reveals a dynamic and changing phenomenon, at times ephemeral yet characterizable, both mediated and directly, inextricably linked to the physical world. Claude Shannon is considered the father of information theory for his discussion of electrons flowing through circuitry as “information,” and his book is a technical exploration of...
  2. Hammerfest to Houston

      Fire, pollution, security and gas. Mercury, atmosphere, wind and war. Electric, psychology, digging and drilling. Fireball fluxing, solar weather, energy waste, heat, sorrow, fear, money, action, response, regulation, fluctuation. The one who pulls the lever and the one who swims toward. Laboratory, resource, field, foe, forests, fish, metaphors, narratives, superlatives. Fire, thaw, steel, melt, transmit, transport, birds, she wrote. Arctic, desert. Space, risk. Spinning, measure. Underdog and conqueror, the rich and then poor.  Sink, crater, expansion, later. Markets,...

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