Mingle and Meet the TxHATS in North Texas

Meet-the-Hats_insideMingle and Meet the Texas HATS in North Texas

The Texas HATS are a diverse group and participants shared their work to give a snapshot of activity in North Texas. For instance, Sally Weber makes holographic art pieces that interact with questions transcendent of contemporary times. Zachary Wallmark is an SMU professor exploring the affect of music, how and why music makes feel things. Janeil Engelstad makes art with purpose, engaging in projects that address social and environmental themes. Lars Berzfield is a graphics programmer who in interested in computational geometry and rendering geometry. Carol Lafayette is director of the SciViz lab at Texas A&M and creates mesh networks to study the environment in Bryan, TX. Joan & Jose Quintana examine community leadership through the art-science lens, looking at history to understand a region’s pattern of innovation and bringing new intersections into the community.

Scot Gresham-Lancaster is working on the sonification of neuroscientific MRI data. Roger Malina is looking at the publication of grey literature online, the data of the internet produced by organizations and individuals without the medium of a publisher. Spencer Keralis is a digital archivist interested in using bibliography as an applied data set for humanities research. Craig Taylor is interested in applying his audio visual systems knowledge to help people bring cutting-edge installations and creations to life. Kate Colin is a Drawing professor at UNT with recent work focusing on supersymmetry, or the theory of everything, and the human desire to sum up all we know. Katherine Wagner is the CEO for the Business Council for the Arts and works on merging commerce and culture in a mutually beneficial relationship highlighting the arts.

Tom Derryberry spends his time connecting faculty and students at UNT’s College of Engineering with industry. Phillip Park is interested in autism friendly environments and measuring physiological responses to those environments. Autumn Hill is the Director of learning at Dallas Contemporary and focuses on outreach projects to educate students and the general public about art and art literacy. Amelia Jaycen is journalism graduate student at UNT and is interested in science and energy reporting with pieces ranging from air pollution on the Norway-Russia border to a heavy reliance on coal in Denton, Texas. JD Talasek is the Director of Cultural Programs at the National Academy of Sciences which is focused on exploring the intersections between science, technology, medicine, and visual culture. Ruth West is the Director of xREZ Art + Science lab at UNT and is interested in remixing data to create novel outputs.

See more photos of the TxHATS at http://www.xrezlab.com/news-events/txhats-spring-2016/ 

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