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TxHATS Spring 2016

TxHATS Spring 2016


Spring 2016 TxHATS Network meeting at xREZ Art + Science Lab!

See photo gallery and Industry + Academia + Community Partnership Roundtable speaker info from the meeting below!

At the TxHATS Network meeting held at xREZ Art + Science Lab Mar. 30, 2016, Dallas native and Director of Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences, JD Talasek worked to facilitate art + science relationships among collaborators as well as gain insight from the interdisciplinary work of art-science practitioners in the North Texas region.

Talasek was hosted by TxHATS founders Roger Malina (UTD Art-Sci Lab, MIT Leonardo), Carol Lafayette (SEAD Network, Texas A&M Institute for Applied Creativity), and Ruth West, director of xREZ Art + Science Lab at UNT. They were joined by TxHATS members (TexasHATS.org) for a day-long working group which included participant pitches, small working group discussions, an immersive virtual reality installation demonstration, UNT student presentations, and an industry + academia + community roundtable discussion.

About the TxHATS Network Meeting at xREZ

  1. Big Issues in Art + Science

    On Mar. 30, 2016 the TxHATS (Humanities, Art, Technology, Science) network gathered in Denton, Tx to initiate conversations across disciplines and exchange new ideas. After a series of presentations of North Texas art + science projects, TxHATS members coalesced around free-forming discussion groups to whiteboard ideas and put solutions on the table. The TxHATS working groups produced key insights into the art-science community and allowed them to tackle big questions. The discussion begins with the basics – a...
  2. Art + Science, On The Agenda

    “So here’s how crazy things have gotten here at the National Academy of Sciences: We want to test this idea…that there is value in an integrated educational experience in science, humanities, and art.” –Tom Rudin According to Rendezvous moderator JD Talasek, Art + Science is on the agenda.  Talasek traveled to North Texas Mar. 30, 2016 to moderate the  Art + Science Evening Rendezvous at UNT which brought students, artists, authors, designers, scientists, industry leaders, and...
  3. Industry + Academia + Community Partnerships

    What are they keys to successfully initiating and sustaining industry, academia, and community partnerships?  At the TxHATS Network Meeting held Mar. 30, 2016 a round table discussion dissected this question. The panel consisted of Katherine Wagner, CEO for the Business Council for the Arts, Craig Orris Taylor, Senior Account Executive at Whitlock and Founding Partner Global Presence Alliance, Thomas Derryberry Assistant Dean and Corporate Relations at UNT’s College of Engineering, Jose M. Quintana, President...
  4. Mingle and Meet the TxHATS in North Texas

    Mingle and Meet the Texas HATS in North Texas The Texas HATS are a diverse group and participants shared their work to give a snapshot of activity in North Texas. For instance, Sally Weber makes holographic art pieces that interact with questions transcendent of contemporary times. Zachary Wallmark is an SMU professor exploring the affect of music, how and why music makes feel things. Janeil Engelstad makes art with purpose, engaging in projects...
  5. TxHATS Network Meets North Texas Art + Science

    In celebration of its second anniversary at UNT, xREZ Art + Science Lab hosted the spring meeting of the TxHATS Network Mar. 30, 2016, followed by an Art + Science Evening Rendezvous to engage the community and talk about the combination of art and science. The TxHATS (Humanities, Art, Technology, Science) is a network of networks providing opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration among Texans working in hybrid fields. Originally begun as a listserv...
  6. The National Academies Cultural Programs Director is Coming to UNT

    Dallas native JD Talasek, the director of Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences, is coming to UNT to participate in a public dialogue event as well as the TxHATS experts meeting to be held March 30, 2016 at xREZ Art + Science Lab. The TxHATS (Humanities, Art, Technology & Science) is a network of networks geared toward providing opportunities for Texans working in interdisciplinary fields to plan the future of...

Initiating and Sustaining Successful


We are excited to feature a roundtable on industry + academia + community partnerships at the Spring 2016 TxHATS meeting! Our distinguished panel of experts has combined expertise spanning arts organization management, government and corporate relations, economic development, tourism, entrepreneurship, video and collaboration systems, technology integration, and academic-corporate partnerships. They will share their experience and lead a lively conversation with attendees.

Katherine Wagner

Katherine Wagner
CEO Business Council for the Arts

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Raymond D. Nasher, the Business Council for the Arts collaborates with business and government decision makers to foster effective arts management, volunteer leadership and broader arts investments spanning cultural tourism initiatives to project matchmaking. The BCA creates strong business/arts partnerships that build world-class communities where people want to live, work and grow.

Katherine Wagner provides leadership for Business Council for the Arts, a nonprofit agency that advocates for business support of the arts and cultural sector in North Texas. Previous to this position, Wagner served for over 10 years as Executive Director of Dallas Visual Art Center (now “the Contemporary”), significantly increasing membership, programming and outreach as well as and working with The Meadows Foundation, Inc. on the design and building of a new state-of-the-art facility which was completed in 2000.

Jose Quintana

Jose M. Quintana
President & Chairman of the Board

Founded in 2004 as a spin-out from Texas A&M University, Advent GX is a tourism and economic development solutions provider with practices in economic analysis, technology & entrepreneurship, tourism development, and marketing & creative services.

Jose M. Quintana is a lifelong entrepreneur.  He started several successful companies and has consulted to leading corporations including Nokia, Sprint, Qualcomm, Frito-Lay, Schering-Plough, Disney, Lockheed, Sun Microsystems, Verizon and Novartis International. He is an active board member of Global Knowledge Group, PowerKids, The Texas Lyceum Association, Westcar Consulting Group, and The Research Valley Technology Alliance (RVTA) and serves as Advisory Council Member at the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).

Joan Quintana

Joan Quintana
Managing Partner

Founded in 2004 as a spin-out from Texas A&M University, Advent GX is a tourism and economic development solutions provider with practices in economic analysis, technology & entrepreneurship, tourism development, and marketing & creative services.

Joan Quintana specializes in providing marketing, communications and strategy development to small and medium sized communities and businesses seeking to grow and contribute to a strong economy. As Director of Economic Innovation for the Texas Engineering Extension Service, Joan shapes the economic development and market intelligence services programs for communities and businesses throughout the State of Texas.

Craig Orris Taylor

Craig Orris Taylor
Senior Account Executive
Sales & Marketing
Founding Partner
Global Presence Alliance:? http://www.global-presence.org

Whitlock is a video collaboration company that provides strategy, management, technologies and support to the world’s largest and most innovative businesses.

Craig Orris Taylor is a leading national audiovisual systems integration account executive with deep expertise in complex design-build projects for audiovisual and videoconferencing systems integration, mission-critical command and control facilities, and high impact spaces such as museums, executive briefing centers, broadcast facilities and legislative chambers. He is a Founding Partner of the Global Presence Alliance.

Tom Derryberry

Thomas Derryberry, Ph.D., PE
Assistant Dean for Corporate Relations
UNT College of Engineering

The UNT College of Engineering offers 11 bachelor’s, 6 master’s and 4 doctoral degree programs encompassing the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Construction Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Technology.

Thomas Derryberry’s mission is to expand the College of Engineering’s engagement with industry, and connecting its dedicated faculty and outstanding graduates with our current and many future corporate partners. He earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University and was a part of Texas Instruments’ Advanced Signal Processing Group, Nokia Research Center’s (NRC) Radio Communications Laboratory, and BlackBerry’s (formerly Research in Motion) Wireless Technology Development Division prior to joining UNT.

TxHATS March 2016 Advisory_button_

THANK YOU, to our March 2016 Advisory Committee Members:

Janeil Engelstad, Founder, Make Art With Purpose (MAP)

Ira GreenbergDirector, Center of Creative Computation, SMU

Autumn Hill, Paula and Jim Crown Director of Learning at DCA

Carol LaFayette, TAMU Institute for Applied Creativity, SEAD Network

Roger Malina, Director, UTD Dallas ArtSciLab, publisher MIT Leonardo journal

Craig Taylor, Senior Account Executive, Whitlock

Katherine Wagner, CEO, North Texas Business Council for the Arts

Zach WallmarkAssistant Professor of Music History SMU

Sally Weber, Holograph Artist, Austin, Texas

Ruth West, Director, xREZ Art + Science Lab, University of North Texas






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Join the TxHATS listserv at http://texashats.org/

The TxHATS (Humanities, Art, Technology & Science) is a network of networks geared toward providing opportunities for Texans working in interdisciplinary fields to plan the future of existing hybrid collaborations and projects as well as launch new, innovative ideas and relationships. The TxHATS network is open to all interested individuals whether community, industry, professional, or academic.


Learn about recent TxHATS meetings at locations across Texas: TxHATS@xREZ

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xREZ Art+Science lab forges productive paths that harness the unique creative forces found only at the intersection of the arts, sciences and humanities to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication.Our goal: alter the landscape of human endeavor to create transformative impact on our world and our future.

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