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As I continue my research in the connections between learning, reality and memory in the context of psychology, neuroscience and perception, I have decided to experiment specifically with cognitive development theory. This investigation will culminate through an integration of Gestalt and other visual perception theories in an interactive art piece. The viewer will be challenged to physically interact with the piece, creating a multi-sensory and perhaps disorienting experience. The artwork will be composed of multiple parts or “stations”, emulating an experiment. The piece will have kinetic elements that create movement from the participant. The elements will not be associated with any tools or materials commonly used in experiments of this nature, but rather, abstract and simplified forms and lines.

Through my process, these are some questions I am asking of myself and the work:

-What can interactive art look like?

-How much of the experience should be controlled or prescribed?

-How does movement effect or change the viewer’s experience?

Some elements in exploration:

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