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Materials for final piece: Tracing paper, Surface hardener (Amazing Fa-bric), pigment ,acrylic paint, and LED lights.

Tracing paper that has translucent, wispy and light feeling, almost as if it is not there connects to the size and weight of the screens we use today.  So many screens are made for mobility making the technology very light and handy.  As I find more and more possibilities for tracing paper in the making process there is the same reminder of the amount of information society receives from screen technology but the unknown and possible health effects. Tracing paper paired with a pigmented hardener (either blue or red) and maintaining the translucent qualities in a large quantity will cover two different walls hidden but not closed off so the glow is not hidden but seen from around a corner.  Using LED lights hidden behind the blue and red, rectangle, harden tracing paper will help produce this glow.

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