AI, Arts, & Design: Questioning Learning Machines (Artnodes No. 26)

We are pleased to announce the publication of Artnodes issue No. 26 co-edited by Ruth West and Andres Burbano! Read the full issue for FREE here:

Explorations of the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI), the arts, and design have existed throughout the historical development of AI. We are currently witnessing exponential growth in the application of Machine Learning (ML) and AI in all domains of art (visual, sonic, performing, spatial, transmedia, audiovisual, and narrative) in parallel with activity in the field that is so rapid that publication can not keep pace. In dialogue with our contemplation about this development in the arts, authors in this issue answer with questions of their own. Through questioning authorship and ethics, autonomy and automation, exploring the contribution of art to AI, algorithmic bias, control structures, machine intelligence in public art, formalization of aesthetics, the production of culture, socio-technical dimensions, relationships to games and aesthetics, and democratization of machine-based creative tools the contributors provide a multifaceted view into crucial dimensions of the present and future of creative AI. In this Artnodes special issue, we pose the question: Does generative and machine creativity in the arts and design represent an evolution of “artistic intelligence,” or is it a metamorphosis of creative practice yielding fundamentally distinct forms and modes of authorship?

This special issue represents the first collaboration between Artnodes, an open-access academic e-journal for the analysis of intersections between art and science, and Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology. The issue is co-edited by xREZ director Ruth West, Leonardo ISAST board member and LEAF Chair, and Universidad de los Andes Professor Andres Burbano, LEAF International Liaison. It is a companion to a year-long international dialogue on AI in the Arts and Design initiated through the Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) with panels at ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 and College Art Association 2020. This dialogue has been extended here with the publication of manuscripts received in response to the Artnodes issue open call for papers. Advancing cultural inclusiveness and equality in the field of AI, the issue presents essays from authors in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia, and is trans-lingual in presenting contributions from authors in Latin America and Spain in their original language as well as translations of abstracts into all three languages: Spanish, Catalan, and English.

This is the beginning of an exciting partnership for collaboration between Artnodes and Leonardo/ISAST. Stay tuned for news of future collaborative publications by following Artnodes, Leonardo/ISAST, Andres Burbano, and xREZ on any of these platforms:



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