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xREZonance Dialogues


It’s not a one-solution world. Where do we go from here?

A psychology student is dreaming about a world where he can help people manage pain through virtual reality.
A political science student is wondering how she can change people’s minds about world peace through self-publishing.
A history major is finding ways architecture can communicate sustainability to the people who inhabit it.
An anthropology major is analyzing gender in popular set-in-space television shows over three decades.
A journalism graduate is seeing connections between computing theories and rules that guide media messages across the Web.
A computer science graduate is deciphering code to tweak the logic turning the movement of exhibit visitors into an auditory experience.
Teams are working with electricity to make art, using EEGs to understand presence and embodiment, and listening to scientific dialogue to assess how experts understand 3D images.

 xREZonance Blue Strip

xREZonance Dialogues are interdisciplinary rendez-vous designed to give students a chance to talk about the cross-resonance between disciplines – an open forum for the free flow of knowledge, ideas, and innovation among students.

Held at least once each semester, xREZonance Dialogues provide an open-forum mixer where students can talk about connections, differences, and resonances between their disciplines over hors d’oeuvres and coffee.

xREZonance Dialogues are held in our incubator-style laboratory: xREZ Art + Science Lab, where we focus on how students can imagine, create, and discover. All students are welcome to attend and become involved in fostering Dialogues. We want to hear from you.

Click here to fill out a feedback form about your interdisciplinary experiences and what you have in mind for the next Dialogues episode.

xREZonance Dialogues



  1. xREZonance Dialogue, Episode #1 Brings Disciplines Together

      xREZonance Dialogues, Episode #1, held Nov. 4, 2015 brought students from anthropology, chemistry, psychology, print-making, sculpture, political science, journalism, computer science, environmental science, math and more together at xREZ Art + Science Lab to talk about how art and science intersect. The main event was a massive whiteboarding activity where disciplines were represented in the main circles and related interests, concepts, sub-disciplines and student projects branching off of each discipline. Drawing out...
  2. Episode #1: An Inaugural Event

        Join us Nov. 4, 2015 for xREZonance Dialogues, an interdisciplinary mixer to talk about art, science, technology and the cross-resonance that occurs when different disciplines come together. This interdisciplinary forum is intended as an environment for students to foster a free flow of knowledge, ideas, and innovation among their fields of study by applying collective thinking to real-world problems. The inaugural theme is “The Future of Birth, Death, and Sex in a World...

About xREZ Art + Science Lab
xREZ is about the cross resonance that occurs when different disciplines come together to tackle real-world problems. We believe in finding new ways of seeing, knowing, and doing using new technology, innovative workflows, evolving methods, and bringing together people with all different kinds of ideas. We create new art forms, new technologies, knowledge, insight, educational competencies and community, industry, and academic partnerships. We are a group of students from anthropology, journalism, political science, music, photography, new media, sculpture, psychology, computer science and history. Learn more at our “About” page and our “Team” page.

xREZ Art + Science Lab

Imagine. Discover. Create.
xREZ Art+Science lab forges productive paths that harness the unique creative forces found only at the intersection of the arts, sciences and humanities to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication.Our goal: alter the landscape of human endeavor to create transformative impact on our world and our future.

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