xREZ Art+Science lab is in its startup phase!

Partnerships & Sponsors

xREZ is seeking industry, private and community partnerships and sponsors to be a part of a unique,  high-impact and rapidly growing research and creative hub with national and international reach. Please contact Prof. West, director xREZ lab regarding partnership opportunities at xrezinfo@gmail.com.


Interdisciplinary Study and Research: We’re accepting inquiries from students interested in undertaking interdisciplinary programs of study that blend the arts and sciences. Please contact Prof. Ruth West with information about your area of study and research interests.


Student Research Assistants: To apply for student research assistant positions, please view our postings at the UNT Career Center. We’re recruiting for student research assistants in HCI/UI, video annotation, visualization, sonification and interaction, mobile app development in iOS and Android and a general assistant and event coordinator.

Multimedia Journalism & Photography Student Assistant:

xREZ Lab is looking for a paid, part-time student assistant with skills in multimedia journalism, including photography/video, web and social media. Do you love to research and write multi-media journalism stories on a variety of topics? Are you intrigued by science communication? Have you been developing skills in photography and video for the web? Then this might be the right student assistant position for you! We’re looking for a student assistant to help update and organize existing web content, assist in developing new web content including written posts and graphics, photography, videography, including some work with HTML5 and CSS and web technologies. See our job posting on Eaglenet for complete job requirements and application instructions.

To apply– search job number 127071 or 126679 on Eaglenet found in your myUNT portal

Behavior Annotation Student Assistant:

xREZ lab is seeking a paid student assistant to work part-time on annotation of video data. The student will assist in a project that seeks to understand what people see, think and do, when they are interpreting images, such as those created by MRI or CT scans. Student assistants will receive training and gain expertise in the use of state of the art software used for reviewing and annotating video of research observations. They will review videos to encode behavior and verbal statements in the video sequences, assist in analysis of the resulting data, and participate in the writing of publications and presentations of the research results. If you desire experience in the field of research psychology, human-computer interaction, the use of design research, qualitative research, mixed methods or ethnographic research, and an experience that will lead to a publication you can put on your resume, then this is a good opportunity for you! See our job posting on Eaglenet for complete job requirements and application instructions.

To apply– search job number 123430 or 123429 on Eaglenet found in your myUNT portal

Virtual Reality, Game Development, & Computer Graphics Programming Research Assistant:

xREZ Lab is seeking a paid, part-time computer science/engineering student assistant to work on projects in interactive, virtual, and augmented reality, spatialized audio, and interactive graphics and interfaces including microcontrollers. In this student position you will work on developing software and related microcontroller components for multiple projects that involve interactive computer graphics and audio, including stereoscopic 3D graphics for virtual reality. Do you enjoy research and working in a team setting? Also enjoy working on interactive projects that will engage a broad public audience? Then this student position could be right for you! See our job posting on Eaglenet for complete job requirements and application instructions.

To apply– search job number 126709 on Eaglenet found in your myUNT portal

xREZ Art + Science Lab

Imagine. Discover. Create.
xREZ Art+Science lab forges productive paths that harness the unique creative forces found only at the intersection of the arts, sciences and humanities to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication.Our goal: alter the landscape of human endeavor to create transformative impact on our world and our future.

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