1. Ruth West

    Ruth West is an artist-scientist – a creative catalyst. She envisions a future in which art + science integration opens new portals...
  2. Kathryn Hays

    Passionate about psychology, neuroscience, calligraphy and graphic design. @xREZ: Research in spatial computing, segmentation 3D and human-computer interaction.  
  3. Luke Hillard

    Passionate about technology, video games, and tabletop games. @xREZ: Seg3D research assistant and data analyst.
  4. Zach Thomas

    Passionate about contemporary music, generative media, and interactivity. @xREZ: data remix and intermedia
  5. Ian Afflerbach

    Passionate about robotics, gaming, programming and a little bit of reading. @xREZ: Research in XR game development and spatial computing.
  6. Jess McCurry

    Passionate about writing, reading, tattoos, and true crime podcasts. @xREZ: creates written and visual content for social media accounts and websites.
  7. Chris Poovey

    Passionate about music composition, electronic music and gaming. @xREZ: Research and development for IOAN audio and Replay: IOAN.
  8. Hannah Helgesen

    Passionate about courage, quantum computing, American Ninja Warrior, romance and fried chicken. @xREZ: Research in VR and AR.
  9. Ariana Hill

    Passionate about design ethics, fiber arts, poetry and anime. @xREZ: social media and web coordinator and NASA XR research.


  1. TACC

    Texas Advanced Computing Center
  2. Tau Ju

    Computer Science & Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis

    Arts, Technology & Emerging Communication, University of Texas at Dallas
  4. Robert Pless

    Computer Science & Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis
  5. Jarlath

    Director, UVM Spatial Analysis Laboratory, University of Vermont  
  6. Cindy Grimm

    Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University


  1. Jared White

    Passionate about computational mathematics, graph theory, machine learning, animals, and socks. @xREZ: Research platform agnosticism and deep learning in XR.
  2. Danielle Poyser

    Passionate about language and literature, cognitive science, and sustainability. @xREZ: Research Assistant working on language and data analysis for Virtual Reality research.
  3. Claire Adams

    Passionate about music, sociology, and public relations. @xREZ: Virtual Reality research team, Media team, and Director’s assistant.
  4. Nicholas Ligon

    Passionate about philosophy, art history, and early Roman history. @xREZ: VR project research assistant, data wrangler, and videographer.
  5. Molly Beyer

    Passionate about thick data, critical algorithm studies, and bikes. @xREZ: Research in 3D Data Segmentation and VR.
  6. Mike Tarlton

    Passionate about exploring the relationship between the physical universe and the abstract, cosmology, and Thai food. @xREZ: Research Intern for Instrument One...
  7. Thomas Hobohm

    Passionate about computer science, philosophy, and art. @xREZ: Undergraduate Researcher and Developer
  8. Brittany Taylor

    Graduate student in art education, passionate about the arts, family, and gardening. @xREZ: Virtual Reality course research.
  9. Brandon Lane

    Passionate about neuroscience, gaming, and Netflix. @xREZ: Seg3D research assistant and data analyst.
  10. James Nash

    Passionate about unicycles, harmonica, and skeeball. @xREZ: creating a documentary on virtual reality to be set in virtual reality
  11. Seth Shafer

    Passionate about pseudo-autonomous performance environments, interactive sound installations, and data mining & sonification. @xREZ: Working on a site-specific interactive installation inviting participants to discover microbiological...
  12. Aaron Davis

    Passionate about urban design, gardening, and the city of Denton. @xREZ: researching participatory sensing as a means for environmental education.  
  13. Leonardo Acosta

    Passionate about Augmented Reality Gaming, System Networking, Lights, and Music. @xREZ: IT support for xREZ sites, Robotics and Augmented/Virtual Reality Research Assistant...
  14. I-Chen Yeh

    Passionate about Network Security, VR, and all things related to coding. @xREZ: Research Assistant for ATLAS In Silico.      
  15. Louie

    Passionate about playing, new toys, cuddling and sleeping. @xREZ: Team support, bonding, stress relief, and entertainment.
  16. Ginger

    Passionate about running, jumping, new toys and sleeping. @xREZ: Team support, bonding, stress relief, and entertainment.
  17. Ermir Bejo

    Passionate about computer assisted composition, complexity, and environmental sound design. @xREZ: Cellular automata & data remix                
  18. Lucero Cantu

    Passionate about political theory, communication studies, and youth political engagement. @xREZ: Media Team and Research Assistant            ...
  19. Duoc Le

    Passionate about 3D fabrication, sculpture, and creative construction. @xREZ: Graduate student researcher in sculpture and fabrication.            ...
  20. Anne Carlew

    Passionate about psychology, neuroscience, and music. @xREZ 3D Segmentation Team member                    
  21. Amelia Jaycen

    Passionate about energy reporting and issues in science communication. @xREZ: Communicating tech-science and interdisciplinarity.                  ...
  22. Christopher Lee

    Passionate about geographic information systems. @xREZ: Urban tree surveys using rePhoto                  
  23. Gussan Jalil

    Passionate about electricity, communication, and art. @xREZ: Research in product engineering and alternative printing processes.              ...
  24. Meghan Kajihara

    Passionate about Star Trek, Mongolia, and music. @xREZ: Research in medical imaging and data segmentation.              ...

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