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Shaping the Future of XR in the Arts @ IEEE VR 2021
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Shaping the Future of XR in the Arts @ IEEE VR 2021

March 31, 2021

Recording: youtu.be/UqF3Pxsjd0U

XR is undergoing rapid development at a time of societal transformation. Will the arts be a driving force and determining factor for the future of immersive tech? We have much to work out in terms of the technologies, the new experiences they engender, equal access and inclusivity on a global scale, and XR’s relationship to multiple genres and cultural and indigenous practices. Virtual experiences emerged as a primary mode of engaging with each other and the arts in 2020-21. Experiencing the world from our homes has compelled us to delve deeper into our humanity and the power of virtual and immersive tech to bridge our physical, social and emotional connections. So, where do we go from here?



Margaret Dolinsky, Associate Professor, Indiana University

Margaret Dolinsky, VR artist and Associate Professor, Indiana University pioneered VR art on networked CAVEs on the world’s first optical networks, the lambda grid, at speeds 250 times that of the fastest internet for immersive and collaborative performance and more! She received an MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago (EVL) and a PhD from University of Plymouth, UK. She creates whimsical portraits of people and landscapes for VR, interactive opera and experimental film. Her work has been shown in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia in museums, festivals, and galleries. Dolinsky appears in “New Media Futures: The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts” by Donna Cox, et al. and VR Developer Gems (Sherman, Ed.). She also co-chairs IS&T Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality conference.should you do?



Domhnaill Hernon, VP of Research and Innovation, Nokia Bell Labs

Domhnaill Hernon, VP of Research and Innovation at Nokia Bell Labs, is an award-winning tech and creativity executive. He directs the world-renowned Experiments in Art & Tech (EAT) at BellLabs exploring new forms of expression through blending design, music, narrative, AR/VR & more. Domhnaill’s work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Times Square, SXSW, Nasdaq, MWC, Ars Electronica, TEDx, Inspirefest to name just a few and he advises innovation and cultural programs globally.


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Savannah Niles, Director of Interaction Design and Product Experience, Magic Leap

Savannah Niles, Director of Interaction Design and Product Experience, Magic Leap, is a multi-disciplinary design and technology leader in spatial computing pioneering new XR experiences including gesture-based interaction and copresence. She is a mentor and organizer of the New Narrative Labs catalyzing new forms of XR storytelling in partnership with MUTEK Montreal, the National Film Board of Canada and O CINEMA. For 5 years at Magic Leap, Savannah has designed, prototyped, and shipped a wide range of hardware and software products, with 20+ patent applications and grants. She has designed interactive experiences for Walt Disney Imagineering and Twitter, and has served as a juror at SIGGRAPH for 3 years.



Kristine Severson, Strategic Partnerships and Content in AR/VR, Board of Directors, The Hydrous

Kristine Severson, Strategic Partnerships and Content in AR/VR and Board Member at The Hydrous, catalyzes the creation of AR and VR content, from video games to social impact projects to enterprise platforms. She is currently helping to launch a new AR glasses and tabletop platform called Tilt5, and sits on the board of directors at The Hydrous, a non-profit organization focused on science-based learning using emerging tech. Kris was former head of VR for Impact at HTC Vive, and also worked extensively in the video game industry at both Sony PlayStation and Rockstar Games.



Nicola Triscott, Director/CEO, FACT

Nicola Triscott, Director/CEO, FACT, (Centre for Film, Art & Creative Technology) in Liverpool, UK is challenging preconceptions of XR and emerging technology in the arts through deep participatory engagement with emerging tech and digital culture to create next-generation museum experiences. Nicola is a curator, researcher and writer, specializing in the intersections between art, science, technology and society. Previously, she was the founding Artistic Director/CEO of Arts Catalyst, one of the UK’s most distinctive and respected art and research organizations.



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