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Alumni Series: Jacob Mitchell

jacob mitchell

Jacob explored and developed his skills as a visual artist and videographer / photographer at xREZ. He created our first lab videos https://vimeo.com/xrezlab/impact, https://vimeo.com/xrezlab/change, https://vimeo.com/xrezlab/unique, https://vimeo.com/xrezlab/projects, and assisted in developing the lab website – www.xrezlab.com. He earned his BFA in photography from UNT in 2014. For the opening of the new lab space in September 2019, Jacob joined xREZ again to capture footage for a new lab video and the INSTRUMENT | One Antarctic Night video featured below. 

He works in the DFW area as a freelance videographer/ photographer and works at Feizy Imports to develop their online catalog. Before that, Jacob was an art imaging specialist with Coupralux Printmaking Studio. Check out his professional work experience here and his personal artwork here. Jacob is also an amazing musician! 

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