Amelia Jaycen Awarded SPJ’s Non-fiction Magazine Article prize

"Mr. Universe" was published in Mayborn magazine July 2014 and awarded 1st place in the SPJ student awards March 2015.

“Mr. Universe” was published in Mayborn magazine July 2014 and awarded 1st place in the SPJ student awards March 2015.

Amelia Jaycen is a journalism graduate student working in science and technology communication @xREZ.

Amelia Jaycen

xREZ Art + Science Lab member Amelia Jaycen was awarded in the Society of Professional Journalists Region 8 Mark of Excellence student awards, announced Mar. 30. Jaycen received first place in the Non-Fiction Magazine Article category and UNT graduate student Kristy Blackmon was a finalist in the same category.

Jaycen’s article “Mr. Universe. Lonely Hearts and Einstein in Love: The Personal Side of Science” is a feature-length profile of former New York Times science editor and now self-dubbed “cosmic correspondent” Dennis Overbye.

“Overbye keeps tabs on the top quark, the Big Bang, ?the latest exoplanet, the Higgs boson and the expanding universe. Google his name and? the search engine suggests reading about “quantum entanglement.” For more than 35 years, he’s reported from the front lines of the century’s greatest discoveries, narrating from inside the drama to turn elusive scientific ideas into café topics. He’s met and chatted (and sometimes knocked back drinks) with the great galaxy makers…”

Jaycen is a graduate journalism student and science reporter. Her article was published in Mayborn magazine in July 2014 in cooperation with the annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference hosted by UNTs’ Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism. The first place award was for SPJ’s Texas/Oklahoma Region 8, and the winning submission will move on to compete in the national category. Read the full article at: Mayborn magazine.

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