Digital Manipulation of Local Geography and Landscape

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Inspired by American landscape painter Thomas Cole, I will be creating large scale prints of the local landscape and geography. For this particular project I will be continuing my work in the field of generative and algorithmic based art-making by using code to manipulate raw image data.

I will predominantly be using existing satellite imagery for this project. The change of the landscape over time is something I am interested in exploring. Man made and nature made changes like drought, flooding, gentrification, expansion, are all topics that I believe I will be able to implement into the prints as a narrative.

Digital manipulation of images is not a new thing. With existing tools like Photoshop, applying a filter to an image to make it look different is just a matter of a few clicks. What I am doing goes beyond applying filters or cool effects. I am creating rule based instructions that will take an image and create something unique out of it. These instructions will differ and will often be generative  meaning that the output will always be different each time. Often times these outputs are generated live which introduces a time-lapse element that I might want to explore.

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