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xREZonance Dialogue, Episode #1 Brings Disciplines Together


xREZonance Dialogues, Episode #1, held Nov. 4, 2015 brought students from anthropology, chemistry, psychology, print-making, sculpture, political science, journalism, computer science, environmental science, math and more together at xREZ Art + Science Lab to talk about how art and science intersect.

The main event was a massive whiteboarding activity where disciplines were represented in the main circles and related interests, concepts, sub-disciplines and student projects branching off of each discipline. Drawing out the interests in the room allowed students to see where they might connect with others about their ideas, whether right next door or on the other side of the whiteboard.

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The inaugural event was designed to be an open-forum discussion between disciplines where students can begin to understand each others’ work and imagine new questions that can be answered by their cooperation and combined ideas.

While the theme, “The Future of Life, Death, and Sex in a World that Combines the Physical and the Virtual” was intriguing, the discussion represented more of a foray into the basics of differences between art and science and the ways these seemingly disparate playing fields often intersect.

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