Isolated Environments and Locations; The feeling of Desolation

My project revolves around geographic locations. Specifically locations that seem to be isolated from the industrialized and commercialized world.

In its current stage, the project is set to be displayed in a series of large prints. Each print represents a location that is cut off from the world. I want the viewer to feel like these locations are an oasis of some sort, something that they desire to go to. An escapement of sorts

For the purposes of this semester that’s how I will present the work. The current concept came much after my idea of using satellite imagery and manipulating it though software.

The next stage is to truly deliver that feeling of what I like to call ‘positive abandonment’ (The feeling of actually wanting to be isolated or escape to a new environment) by going large scale. There’s no better way to immerse yourself than doing it literally. Through the help of either projection or multi display solution, I want to present the work in a way that encapsulates the viewer with this familiar yet foreign locations. I also hope I can further push the idea by introducing some sort of interactive capabilities such as motion tracking. Imagine waving your hand along what you think is a print of the ocean an actually seeing ocean waves being generated as you move your hands over the prints. This is something that I would like to explore once I finalize the first stage of my project.

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