Julie Libersat Presents ROAM Research at National Art Education Association

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Julie Libersat’s ROAM mobile app development project is supported by a CADD fund grant. She presented her research Mar. 26, 2015 at the National Art Education Association National Convention.


Julie Libersat is a new media graduate student working on a CADD-funded navigation app @xREZ.

Julie Libersat

xREZ Lab Team member Julie Libersat presented her research at the National Art Education Association National Convention in New Orleans March 26, 2015. Libersat is a new media graduate student and candidate for a master’s in art education. Her talk at NAEA, delivered with co-author UNT assistant professor of art education and art history Dr. Perez de Miles, was titled “Walking and Mapping in Art: Emergent Cartography and Spatial Exchange.” Libersat gave a 50 minute research lecture related to development of the ROAM mobile app, supported by a Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) grant she was awarded in November 2014.

Excerpt from her talk: “Digital visual culture, social media, and locative mobile technology open up further possibilities for emergent cartography that include tools for mapping, place making, storytelling, and observation both critical and poetic. The ability to trace movement, annotate space with digital documentation, collate digital capture in order to tell a story, collect documentation and finally share a place creates opportunities for creative representation that transcends traditional Cartesian space. With my project ROAM players capture the site specificity of place and decentralize the dominant spatial narrative to highlight the specificity of the individual’s experience.”


 News@xREZ Mar. 28, 2015

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