Julie Libersat Spring 2015 Project

  1. ROAM – User Interface and System Architecture

    My project this semester has been to design and plan the structure or system architecture of ROAM as well as design and create the user interface and design components. It has been a steep learning curve! Not only did this require familiarizing myself with the vocabulary and understanding of interaction design, wireframing and information architecture but I also needed to have an overview of the app development process. I started out with...
  2. ROAM – Design & Devleopment Progress Post

    I have been focusing on research and planning for ROAM before committing to design and development. In order to plan user interactivity and the user interface, I am creating a “map” or flow chart of steps in the game play. This allows me to anticipate the user’s flow and decisions in order to control and to learn from intuitive responses to the information architecture of the app content. I am researching software that...
  3. ROAM – Mobile App Development and Design

    This project will focus on the design and development of the mobile app and interactive game ROAM*. ROAM is the concept for an interactive urban exploration and mapping game that helps players get lost and leads them through an aesthetic engagement and exploration of their environment. I have already developed the concept and theory behind the game, I now will focus on developing and designing elements of the app’s components and user experience. This semester, I...

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