Erin Turner Fall 2014 Project


Erin Turner is a Jeweler & Metalsmith. Born in 1989 in Honesdale Pennsylvania in the North East corner of Pennsylvania. She received two BFA’s from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Jewelry & Metalsmithing and Photography. In 2013 she relocated to Denton, Texas to continuing working with metal while attending University of North Texas for her MFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing. She has given a workshop at the Dallas Museum of art and exhibited regionally in Pennsylvania and Texas.

Artist Statement

Raised with a sense of self-sufficiency I was encouraged to fabricate and design from a young age. Born outside the industrial city of Scranton, PA my family all had skills in making. My grandmothers were lace makers and seamstresses, my grandfathers were mechanics and I continued along with this history of making by learning the craft of jewelry and metalsmithing. In Scranton the industry was thriving during the early 20th Century after the arrival of the Steam Locomotive, however after Word War II the main export of anthracite coal declined due to the rise of oil. Shortly after coals initial decline many other industries closed including The Scranton Lace Company, several theatres and small businesses. The recession hit the area hard leaving it last in the race to climb back into prosperity. The landscape of the area is littered with abandoned mining machinery, derelict warehouses and mounds of discarded coal waste. Using the history of my upbringing and the decline of skills related to handcrafted services I hope to recreate the dying or dead industrial artistry from North East Pennsylvania into wearable jewelry. These wearable pieces will act as a reminder of the handmade craft.

  1. Laser Cutting Enamel – The Cuts

    Thompson Enamel supplies 169 non-leaded enamels for metalsmiths and enamelists. I have created samples of 167 of them and ran each of them through the laser cutter to test which colors cut and to what degree do they cut. I am working with a student from the Material Science department here at UNT to further look at the characteristics of the enamel to determine any chemicals that may be present in each...
  2. Laser Cutting Enamel – A Start

    I have been researching the practice of laser cutting enamel. Enamel is finely powdered glass that is sifted onto the surface of clean copper, fine silver, gold or mild steel and fused in a kiln at close to 1400degrees Fahrenheit. During that process the glass becomes a liquid and bonds onto the base metal. The start of this process can be attributed to Arthur Hash, a metalsmith who graduated from VCU and...

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