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Precision (and updates)

Precision (and updates)

So quick update on the project!

We FINALLY got the points into rephoto. So I’ve been taking photos about every other day for the last two weeks. The next step in from here I think is going to be recruiting people to help take those pictures. I think it will be important to have other people try and replicate the images I am creating. It will tell us if and outside people will be able to contribute to this project. The more people that can contribute the more images we will have to use.


Speaking of images. I have been working with the images that I have collected so far and I’m trying to find a way to compile the images. even when the images are aligned perfectly when the photos are taken, there is still a large amount of variation between images. With anything from a slight tilt in the image to the lighting being drastically different there are so many things different in each image. The idea of rephotography is to take and replicate another image. So with the plethora of variation in each image it hard to focus on what is being photographed. When I layer and compile the the images the most prevalent part of the images are the interim differences. These are a couple of the ways I’m compiling the images to show the changes over time:



Auto Blend:AutoAline_AutoBlend Mean:Mean


MedianSome of these methods are statistical methods to try and show variation. With mean and median you can see that the accuracy and precision of the original image is very important.


I’m still playing around with ways to view these images and see the change in the trees them selves. But that will come with time.


I’m off to take more pictures! More updates to come.




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