Project rePhoto : Documented Process

rePhoto Redesign Project

The Existing App

This project began as part of a joint effort to improve the user experience of the existing app. While the app was functioning properly, it was still lacking features that were present on the website. Features like adding new projects, project and subject management, and geographically-based notifications were the main focus of this redesign.

Screenshots of the existing app as it was when the project was started.


Idea Brainstorming and Sketching

I began my process by simply just sketching ideas, concepts, user flows, anything that came to mind. All with pen and paper of course. I find this traditional approach incredibly easy as it seemed natural. I considered this brainstorming session as some sort of idea “purge”. I thought of everything and anything that can potentially help me to meet the goals that the app needed.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 17.49.42


Flow Diagrams

Original flow from Existing App

An important part of this process was looking at the exiting app and really analyzing how it functioned in terms of user flow. I began this process by mapping out the app in a flow diagram and documenting each and every possible user interaction. I used flow diagram tools which really helped with the layout process by eliminating the need to



Proposed Flow

From there, I took the completed flow and made alterations. These alterations included reduced taps and screens to main functions, implementation of notifications and settings management, subject creation, favorites screen, upload confirmation, among several others.

For this step

iOS Proposed Flow


Design Study Document

Once I created the new flow diagram, I had enough information to compose a design document that outlined some design concepts and rules that I thought were necessary to meet the redesign goals.

Sketch App Prototyping

Interactive Prototype Testing

End of Semester Project Status

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