TxHATS December 2014


The TxHATS Experts Network began when three founders decided to start talking about art + science and how best to combine disciplines into workable multi-disciplinary projects. The TxHATS founders are xREZ Art+Science Lab Director Ruth West, UT Dallas Art-Sci Lab Director Roger Malina, and Texas A&M University, SEAD network Director Carol LaFayette.

We wanted to find out what was on their minds when they decided to found the TxHATS Experts Network, so we decided to ask them a few questions.

Q. What can you remember about how the idea for TxHATS first came together?




Q. What did the founders envision the TxHATS would become?





Experts at the December 2014 TxHATS March meeting included:

Carol LaFayette, TAMU Institute for Applied Creativity, SEAD Network

Roger Malina, Director, UTD Dallas ArtSciLab, publisher MIT Leonardo journal

Ruth West, Director, xREZ Art + Science Lab, University of North Texas


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