TxHATS March 2015

In March 2015, the TxHATS Experts Network held a “convening” activity intended to trigger collaborations and cooperation between experts in science, engineering and the arts, design and humanities that was co-led by xREZ Director Ruth West, UT Dallas Art-Sci Lab Director Roger Malina, and Texas A&M University and SEAD network Director Carol LaFayette.

Meeting at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum in Austin, Texas Mar.12, experts joined for a day-long conference intended to trigger collaborations and cooperation between experts in science, engineering and the arts, design and humanities. Nineteen experts from fields as varied as astrophysics, geophysics, neuroscience, physics, photography, space art, journalism, economic development and business incubation, AI in theater, land museum and science gallery curation, holography and more gathered at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum to talk about interdisciplinary collaboration in art-science-technology.

The March meeting was followed by an ATX LASER salon, a series open to the public that encourages dialogue between diverse perspectives on innovation within the art and science communities both locally and internationally. ATX LASER collaboration fosters innovation and learning that affects community sustainability, culture and economic growth.

For more information about TxHATS, visit TexasHATS.org

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TxHATS Experts at the March 2015 event:

Amal Alayan, MIT alumna, systems-thinking nonfiction writer

Anatol Bologon, Lecturer, Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University

Penelope Boyer, Art-Sci Projects Director at Land Heritage Institute

Kathy Ellens, Program Manager at UTAustin Institute of Geophysics

Susan Eriksson, Geoscientist & Artist

Jill Fantauzza, Assistant Professor, Interactive Design, Texas State University

Hayley Gillespie, Founder & Director, Art Science Gallery, Austin

Amelia Jaycen, UNT xREZ Art + Science Lab graduate student

Carol LaFayette, TAMU Institute for Applied Creativity, SEAD Network

Roger Malina, Director, UTD Dallas ArtSciLab, publisher MIT Leonardo journal

Ajay Maighan, Artist, Photographer, Food Scientist

Jancy C. McPhee, Director, Humans in Space Art, USRA/NASA-Johnson Space Center

Joan Quintana, Jose Quintana & Ruthie Strout, AdventGX Innovation Underground

Francesca Samsel, Center for Agile Technology, UT Austin, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Texas A&M Department of Visualization

Yvan Tina, UTDallas ArtSciLab Ph.D. Student

Sally Weber, Holograph Artist, Austin, Texas

Ruth West, Director, xREZ A rt + Science Lab, University of North Texas

Gagan Wig, Brain and Behavioral Scientist, UT Dallas

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