1. Publication: “DataRemix: Designing The Datamade Through ArtScience Collaboration”

    Professor Ruth West published in the proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers tri-conference event held Oct. 13-18, 2013 in Atlanta Georgia. IEEE’s “VIS” event focused on Visual Analytics Science and Technology, Information Visualization, and Scientific Visualization. The paper “DataRemix: Designing The Datamade Through ArtScience Collaboration,” is a...
  2. Ruth West juries ACM SIGGRAPH 2015

    Professor Ruth West is serving as a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Papers Jury. West attended a jury session in Chicago Mar. 21-22, and while there she visited the Chicago CAVE2 headquarters to experience immersion in wall-to-wall virtual reality. SIGGRAPH presents two annual conferences in North America and...
  3. Get Funded Workshop – Spring 2015

    This Friday Jan. 30 come learn the 5 essential writing skills and 4 major information categories that can make you stand out in a stack of applications for scholarships, grants, fellowships and other competitive funding submissions. GET FUNDED! is a 4-hour, hands-on experiential workshop that walks you through the most...
  4. Talk: Tactical Robotics Symposium

    Latin American Media Art At the Intersection of Pedagogy October 1st, 2014 5-8 PM Art Building Room 223 1201 W. Mulberry, Denton TX Organized and moderated by Paula Gaetano Adi (Rhode Island School of Design) and Dr. Adetty Perez Miles (UNT) Presenters: Arcángel Constantini (México) Independent New Media Artist and Curator...
  5. UEC Talk on rePhoto

    This past Wednesday our team, including Robert Pless and Abby Stylianou from Washington University in St. Louis, met with the Urban Ecology Collaborative, led by Erica Smith Fichman from Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. The topic of this webinar is rePhoto: Quantitative Citizen Science through Repeat Photography. You can watch the recorded webinar below.
  6. The Gang’s All Here!

    Over the past few months we here at the xREZ lab have slowly but surely been building our team and we are so happy to announce we’ve got a winning group! The xREZ lab team consists of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students studying at the University of North Texas along...

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