Considering the connections between LEARNING and REALITY in the context of neuroscience, psychology and philosophy:

“Certain aspects of experience, it was assumed, were primarily determined by the basic physical structure of the brain and the nature of the neural processes occurring in it, and could not be altered by learning. The physical laws of organization governing these processes were assumed to govern our experience- particularly our experience of space and time” –The Psychology of Learning and Memory, Douglas L. Hintzman


“It is necessary to repeat here what has been known since Descartes: a reflective consciousness delivers us absolutely certain data; someone who, in an act of reflection, becomes conscious of ‘having an image’ cannot be mistaken.” The Imaginary: A phenomenological psychology of the imagination, Jean-Paul Sartre

In the process of learning and organizing information, are we then also learning reality?

If each person’s experience is, neurologically speaking, a unique chemical reaction, are individuals even capable of creating the same understanding of reality?


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