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  1. Cellular Automata & Music (working title) : Post#1

    Despite the acute interest that Cellular Automata has generated over the years, the musical panorama as it relates to the practical applications of such systems remains fragmented at best. The vast literature that addresses CA usually stops short of addressing the most basic musical matters. On the other hand, the papers that deal exclusively with music/sound, are either too specialized and interested in describing a particular composer’s mapping procedure, or too...
  2. Project rePhoto : Documented Process

    rePhoto Redesign Project The Existing App This project began as part of a joint effort to improve the user experience of the existing app. While the app was functioning properly, it was still lacking features that were present on the website. Features like adding new projects, project and subject management, and geographically-based notifications were the main focus of this redesign. Screenshots of the existing app as it was when the project was...
  3. Physicality of Dreams

    During this independent/directed study on alternative print making techniques I will create a work titled “Physicality of Dreams”. There is much to be learned from the unconscious mind, the operations of the human brain while the body is at rest can at times reveal the most vulnerable information of the subconscious. In large part I believe that dreaming is about activation and learning Dreams are entirely illusionary but feel real; there is...

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