Gabriel Vega Spring 2015 Projects

  1. Digital Manipulation of Landscape & Geography

    The first stage of this project resulted in creating six 24″ X 30″ high resolution prints. To create these prints, I used original imagery from various sources including Google Earth and NASA. The images were then used as an input and manipulated using a custom algorithm. The software to create the algorithm is Processing. Based on a set of rules, the program outputted an image file which was then sent to Photoshop...
  2. Isolated Environments and Locations; The feeling of Desolation

    My project revolves around geographic locations. Specifically locations that seem to be isolated from the industrialized and commercialized world. In its current stage, the project is set to be displayed in a series of large prints. Each print represents a location that is cut off from the world. I want the viewer to feel like these locations are an oasis of some sort, something that they desire to go to. An escapement...
  3. Digital Manipulation of Local Geography and Landscape

    Inspired by American landscape painter Thomas Cole, I will be creating large scale prints of the local landscape and geography. For this particular project I will be continuing my work in the field of generative and algorithmic based art-making by using code to manipulate raw image data. I will predominantly be using existing satellite imagery for this project. The change of the landscape over time is something I am interested in exploring. Man made...

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