Julie Libersat Fall 2014 Project


Julie Libersat is pursuing a MA in Art Education and an MFA in New Media from the University of North Texas. Libersat has returned to the USA after living and working as an art educator in southern India for seven years. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2003. Libersat has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows in Artscape, School 33 in Baltimore, and The Center for Art and Culture in France. She explores travel, site specificity, spatial theories and the built environment in her installations, videos, photography and sculptures.

Artist Statement

My work explores the spatial imaginary. Perceptions and conceptions of space exist in our minds and memories in tandem with our physical interactions with the built environment. Navigating and orienteering exposes the process of perception as well as its linguistic and conceptual translation.
I am interested in the embodied experience of space and the human relationship with the built environment. My work investigates the possibilities for aesthetic experience through disorientation. Getting lost allows us to see our surrounding with fresh eyes, challenges us to connect with the unfamiliar and has the power to transform our perception of ourselves, communities and spaces.
Travel and the idea of home have become central to my work as I travel and question my own relationship to location. The internet is a new medium for creating virtual space. It enables us to physically live in one place yet emotionally reside elsewhere. Connecting through the Internet, we are able to travel into each other’s homes and create new virtual spaces, communities and networks. I like to use art as a means of transportation, a device to assist in time or space travel; a device which makes the impossible possible.


  1. Process Post 3: Mazes + ROAM

    Working Framework – The Map is the Territory I am also thrilled to have been selected as the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas annual CADD FUNd grant recipient for my mobile phone game ROAM. ROAM is a proposal for an interactive urban exploration and mapping game for smart phones that helps players get lost. Players use the mobile app to get lost in the city and then document their journey as a form of narrative...
  2. Process Post 2: Mazes / Disorientation

    I am investigating disorientation and spatial cognition in order to understand the percpetual and embodied structures of perception involved in navigating space. I am experimenting with the possibilities for aesthetic experience through navigation, narrative cartography and controlled disorientation. Getting lost allows us to see our surrounding with fresh eyes, challenges us to connect with the unfamiliar and has the power to transform our perception of our communities, spaces, and ourselves. By changing our...
  3. Process Post 1: Spatial Exchange for 10th St Historic District / Quakertown

    I am entertaining a few different ideas at this point. I have not been able to choose one yet but mapping out my working framework is helping me to sift through and choose a project that is both feasible and will hold my interest. I am resisting the process of dissecting my process perhaps because I identify and behave as an artist in a more spontaneous space. I work in multiple processes...

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