Jeremy Deutsch Spring 2015 Project

  1. Mindful Improvisational Music and Dance

    The project in full is an interactive meditative experience that can be utilized by anyone willing to try, for the purpose of increasing mindfulness, self-reflection, and comfortable expression of things that may be less likely to be put into words. Most of what went into this project was a culmination of me and my partner’s (Nina Laurenzo) knowledge and experience concerning mindfulness, improvisation, and the collaboration of music and movement. I am...
  2. Mindful Improvisation for Music and Dance

    Upon further reflection, I realized that this idea may be useful in clinical contexts, but I first wish to determine its usability and usefulness in the everyday life of people. I think that the uses and benefits of this type of interaction are basic and widespread enough that nearly anyone would be able to find something positive in the experience. A further revelation is the need to stress the purposeful use of improvisation between all involved. The...
  3. Mindful Improvisation Project

    Project Post #2 The relationship between internal states and external expression is something commonly studied in science, reflected in concepts such as self-alienation which measure the internal distance between an individual’s true self and the person they think themselves to be. Everybody has some level of self-alienation, and in terms of real life, this can be problematic. Allowing someone a clearer look at their true self without the interruptions or influences of...
  4. Mindful Improvisational Music and Dance

    The purpose of this project is to begin to explore the experience of improvisational music and movement while paired with mindfulness meditation practices, and its application in people’s lives. The materials are basic but crucial- an instrument to create melodies (and possibly rhythms) and space for the movement of at least few people. In this first stage of the project, I will produce a repeatable format for an interactive experience between movers...

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