Art + Science: Creative inquiry, embodied knowing, and flow. How does art-making result in new forms of inquiry? What is the potential impact of listening to molecular music or creating artificial life? What does it mean to make art in order to create new knowledge, to collect data, analyze it, or present ones findings? Are artists working at the intersection of the natural, physical or life sciences and art adding something to our understanding and experience of life that scientists are not or simply cannot?

This graduate studio explores emerging practices and trends in new media with particular emphasis on new modes of creative inquiry and practice-based research in the arts. It provides students with a foundation in innovative art practices that bring together the arts and sciences, irrespective of medium or modality. This exploration will be conducted in relation to their current practice and creative interests. Students will engage in research centered on their evolving creative practice and body of work in order to develop new work, develop individualized conceptual frameworks for arts practice as a form of inquiry, and continue development of their professional practice as an artist.


  1. Laser Cutting Enamel – The Cuts

    Thompson Enamel supplies 169 non-leaded enamels for metalsmiths and enamelists. I have created samples of 167 of them and ran each of them through the laser cutter to test which colors cut and to what degree do they cut. I am working with a student from the Material Science department here at UNT to further look at the characteristics of the enamel to determine any chemicals that may be present in each...
  2. Cellular Automata & Music

    My work this semester consisted in creating  an acoustic musical work for Soprano and 7 Instruments (piccolo, alto flute, harp, piano, celesta, percussion, and violin), where the underlying logico-structural and pre-compositional work was rooted within Stephen Wolfram’s research in cellular automata as presented in his influential book “A New Kind of Science”. More concretely, the different elementary 2-color cellular automata and their respective generative rules (five were used in total throughout the...
  3. Final Process Post

    Materials for final piece: Tracing paper, Surface hardener (Amazing Fa-bric), pigment ,acrylic paint, and LED lights. Tracing paper that has translucent, wispy and light feeling, almost as if it is not there connects to the size and weight of the screens we use today.  So many screens are made for mobility making the technology very light and handy.  As I find more and more possibilities for tracing paper in the making process...
  4. Visualizing Reality

    This project was a simple process of interacting with material, observing the changes and documenting the results. Photographing, copying and hand drawing approaches were all utilized to explore the potential of the image. The multiple documented layers blur the perceived reality of the image. I related this process to my conceptual exploration of the ideas of learning, reality and memory. By creating the image, I learned. By observing and manipulating the image, I defined...
  5. Backroads – Process Post #3

    The final stage of this semester I’ve spent my time finishing the video and audio of Backroads, finishing my artist framework map and creating a submission to a call for works for video art.   My artistic framework map consists of 5 different topics involved in my life as an artist: outcomes, audience, process, the 3 types of pieces I make, and the issue of perception in my work. In my framework paper,...
  6. Process Post 3: Mazes + ROAM

    Working Framework – The Map is the Territory I am also thrilled to have been selected as the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas annual CADD FUNd grant recipient for my mobile phone game ROAM. ROAM is a proposal for an interactive urban exploration and mapping game for smart phones that helps players get lost. Players use the mobile app to get lost in the city and then document their journey as a form of narrative...

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