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Spring 2015 Independent Research Projects



This course enables students to explore individualized topics for interdisciplinary research.  It provides students with a foundation in innovative practices that bring together the arts and sciences irrespective of medium or modality. This exploration will be conducted in relation to students’ current research focus or creative interests. Students will engage in research and/or creative work centered on a specific topic and identify how this relates to their evolving academic and professional career and existing body of work.  Students conceive project concepts independently or collaboratively, execute, complete and document the project by semester’s end.


  1. Mindful Improvisation Project

    Project Post #2 The relationship between internal states and external expression is something commonly studied in science, reflected in concepts such as self-alienation which measure the internal distance between an individual’s true self and the person they think themselves to be. Everybody has some level of self-alienation, and in terms of real life, this can be problematic. Allowing someone a clearer look at their true self without the interruptions or influences of...
  2. Update on UNT Tree RePhoto (photography)

    These last few weeks here in denton have been a bit crazy. We’ve had everything from snow and ice to 90 degree weather and rain in-between. Because of the weather closing school and spring break happening just after that, its been an uphill battle to get back into school. So this is where the project stands. We have been trying to get data points input into the rephoto app so we can...
  3. Isolated Environments and Locations; The feeling of Desolation

    My project revolves around geographic locations. Specifically locations that seem to be isolated from the industrialized and commercialized world. In its current stage, the project is set to be displayed in a series of large prints. Each print represents a location that is cut off from the world. I want the viewer to feel like these locations are an oasis of some sort, something that they desire to go to. An escapement...
  4. ROAM – Design & Devleopment Progress Post

    I have been focusing on research and planning for ROAM before committing to design and development. In order to plan user interactivity and the user interface, I am creating a “map” or flow chart of steps in the game play. This allows me to anticipate the user’s flow and decisions in order to control and to learn from intuitive responses to the information architecture of the app content. I am researching software that...
  5. Hammerfest to Houston

      Fire, pollution, security and gas. Mercury, atmosphere, wind and war. Electric, psychology, digging and drilling. Fireball fluxing, solar weather, energy waste, heat, sorrow, fear, money, action, response, regulation, fluctuation. The one who pulls the lever and the one who swims toward. Laboratory, resource, field, foe, forests, fish, metaphors, narratives, superlatives. Fire, thaw, steel, melt, transmit, transport, birds, she wrote. Arctic, desert. Space, risk. Spinning, measure. Underdog and conqueror, the rich and then poor.  Sink, crater, expansion, later. Markets,...
  6. Cellular Automata & Music (working title) : Post#1

    Despite the acute interest that Cellular Automata has generated over the years, the musical panorama as it relates to the practical applications of such systems remains fragmented at best. The vast literature that addresses CA usually stops short of addressing the most basic musical matters. On the other hand, the papers that deal exclusively with music/sound, are either too specialized and interested in describing a particular composer’s mapping procedure, or too...
  7. How to Monitor Urban Forests from the Ground Up.

    This project is a step in a quest to build a system that can monitor and catalog urban forests. What I am focusing on is the integration of LiDar and ground level images. LiDar in its most basic sense is a remote sensing technique where lasers are shot from a plane. These lasers then build a surface model of the ground. The lasers are detailed enough to shoot through trees and build...
  8. ROAM – Mobile App Development and Design

    This project will focus on the design and development of the mobile app and interactive game ROAM*. ROAM is the concept for an interactive urban exploration and mapping game that helps players get lost and leads them through an aesthetic engagement and exploration of their environment. I have already developed the concept and theory behind the game, I now will focus on developing and designing elements of the app’s components and user experience. This semester, I...
  9. Lichtenburg Experimentation

    I am interested in determining the differences, if any, in the way light sensitive film reacts to the indirect exposure of static electricity.  This project will consist of an experiment in which I will be subjecting the three different types of light sensitive film to static electric discharge through various materials. (e.g. Inorganic and Organic)  This research and experimentation will answer the question: Is photography a viable medium for the study of...

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