This course enables students to explore individualized topics for interdisciplinary research.  It provides students with a foundation in innovative practices that bring together the arts and sciences irrespective of medium or modality. This exploration will be conducted in relation to students’ current research focus or creative interests. Students will engage in research and/or creative work centered on a specific topic and identify how this relates to their evolving academic and professional career and existing body of work.  Students conceive project concepts independently or collaboratively, execute, complete and document the project by semester’s end.


  1. Searching for A Unified Theory

    Searching for the significance of “information” from angles of study as disparate as electrical engineering, communication studies, journalism, computer science, information science, and mathematics reveals a dynamic and changing phenomenon, at times ephemeral yet characterizable, both mediated and directly, inextricably linked to the physical world. Claude Shannon is considered the father of information theory for his discussion of electrons flowing through circuitry as “information,” and his book is a technical exploration of...
  2. Always Making the Shot

    I have developed several prototypes for this project, each superseding the previous model.  In testing the feasibility of this design, I 3d printed my files using a makerbot printer.  That model was too frail and jagged to serve as my final project.  After my trials with this printer, I decided that the quality of my product would be dependant on the materials I used to make it.  In the lab, I was...
  3. Digital Manipulation of Landscape & Geography

    The first stage of this project resulted in creating six 24″ X 30″ high resolution prints. To create these prints, I used original imagery from various sources including Google Earth and NASA. The images were then used as an input and manipulated using a custom algorithm. The software to create the algorithm is Processing. Based on a set of rules, the program outputted an image file which was then sent to Photoshop...
  4. Relatable Forms

    How is it that similar formations in nature yield such a variety of functions? A bolt of lightning reminds me of a river delta-a blood vessel, a root-and I have grown curious to know if these observable phenomena occur in places yet unobserved.  This project was influenced by my hope to photographically reveal these forms found in nature, and I began with a question:  How does light sensitive film react to the...
  5. Mindful Improvisational Music and Dance

    The project in full is an interactive meditative experience that can be utilized by anyone willing to try, for the purpose of increasing mindfulness, self-reflection, and comfortable expression of things that may be less likely to be put into words. Most of what went into this project was a culmination of me and my partner’s (Nina Laurenzo) knowledge and experience concerning mindfulness, improvisation, and the collaboration of music and movement. I am...
  6. Mindful Improvisation for Music and Dance

    Upon further reflection, I realized that this idea may be useful in clinical contexts, but I first wish to determine its usability and usefulness in the everyday life of people. I think that the uses and benefits of this type of interaction are basic and widespread enough that nearly anyone would be able to find something positive in the experience. A further revelation is the need to stress the purposeful use of improvisation between all involved. The...
  7. ROAM – User Interface and System Architecture

    My project this semester has been to design and plan the structure or system architecture of ROAM as well as design and create the user interface and design components. It has been a steep learning curve! Not only did this require familiarizing myself with the vocabulary and understanding of interaction design, wireframing and information architecture but I also needed to have an overview of the app development process. I started out with...
  8. Presence Research Update

    At the time of this writing, we have completed our study design, literature review, IRB final draft, and experimental protocol. The implementation of the virtual experience is the next step. At this point we have decided upon and obtained all necessary technologies, and defined a general outline of the experience and its environment. After the experience is implemented and tested, we will begin our pilot study which will inform further iteration on...

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